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I contribute an essay : ‘Sense of Place‘(2021) for The Inhabitants: Adopt a Project, directed and organized by Indeks.
Indeks is the research and discourse exchange initiative that initially attempted to trace art practices in Bandung, Indonesia from the early 2000s.
About The Inhabitants : Adopt a Project, there are meeting and discussions on the cultural mobility and diplomacy through culture have occasionaly been organized. Adopt a Project is an experimental proposition that aims to challenge the selection process of a residency program. Questioning the locality, materiality and methods and engagement in delivering residency programs, Adopt a project is a web platform for artists to publish their project proposal to be adopted to be residency organizers.
This method is experimenting how artists and art organizations see proposed and connect it to their own locality to examine which one is more appealing to them,to understand why some projects are realized “offline” and not online, and finally to propose a different perspective of the residency programs.
エッセイ ’Sense of Place’ (英語,2021年)を寄稿しました。パンデミックを受けて、なかなか会うことができない友人や知人はもちろんのこと、この世界で働く全てのアーティストやアート関係の仕事をする人々に向けて書きました。

The Inhabitants

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