`For me, producing a collage is the same activity as writing my diary. I receive flyers and newspaper every day in my post. I define such a routine as I receive art material, not the way of buying them like paying money to buy colors in art supply stores. I assert words and images which are printed on paper. Collage is a surrealistic medium to use. There is a bridge between image-making and language-making. Words go astray, they become just a tool and are used for law and contract. I want to rescue words and letters from documents. I attempt to present their artistic power which words themselves essentially and primarily have. As the title suggests, Broken Flower (2021) is a wordplay. Literally, flowers are never broken, they just wither, leaving seeds for a new generation. Words have also never been broken. But people say, for instance, ‘My English is broken.’ I want to express that words as material (not tools) never broken in a way. Rather, when you feel your language is broken, it is the moment when the language is reborn and transformed on your tongue.´


Broken Flower, 2021, mixed media, 21x28cm