A Journey of Mouther Tongue 母糸詩誰旅, 2024, textile collage with embroidery, various sizes 

1. to hurt, to hate, to fullest、舌thousand mouthes, tongue、渡 ferryboat, ferry, cross、漂 to float, to drift, to wave, faraway, put them on water 

2. Burn a ice ! ice cube, to freeze、泳 to swim、溶to melt, to dissolve, to soulble

3. die Seetangzungen

4. (dis)placement Test

5. A cat works on a reception handed over an invitation letter to her, written ‘Dear Ms. Asia’.

6. She found a book of  母糸詩誰旅 A Journey of Mouther Tongue” in her grandmother’s bookshelf. Her grandmother already had lost in her second language. Her grandmother spoke to her with mysterious words. Those words sounds like a Emojis spark grandma’s tongue.

7. A spirit of mountain has a buck-tooth. Under the mountain, there is an ocean,兎兎 rabbits skipped on crocodiles heads鰐鰐。

8. Two tongues discuss  their attitude when if next time they are in a dentist. What of any genre of dance do they dance?

9. To eat German alphabets, on salt and pepper is fine taste. This is the tale about why some of  German alphabets have two dots on a top- äöü.

10. If afterlife has only two options: hell or heaven we go, I am going to float、溺drawn、漂draftand breathe into a river in-between. 


A Journey of Mouther Tongue 母糸詩誰旅 ははしたたび ははがしたたび? hahashitatabi

Courtesy of VBKÖ, © Photo: Daniel Hill