sole exhibition I’m in Love,I’m Alone at Bambinart Gallery,2014/個展「愛の中のひとり」Bambinart Gallery,2014年

“I’m in Love, I’m Alone”
Bambinart Gallery is pleased to present “I’m in love, I’m alone.”, a solo-exhibit by Kanako Tada

Kanako Tada is aware of 2 selves which co-exist within her, the self which goes about the everyday and then the self subject to the throes of life and death. Hoping to confront this second self which is so often separated from the daily happenings Tada takes up the paint brush and sets out on a process determined to reach beyond her own will. In her layering of uncontrolled expressions upon seemingly completed works and combining figurative motifs from a variety of sources, from famous classical paintings to music magazine covers she enforces de-contextualization and rebirth of the image, attempting to hit upon the depths of life and death.

このたび、Bambinart Galleryでは、多田佳那子展“愛の中のひとり”を開催いたします。
May 23 – June 15, 2014
closed on Mondays and Tuesdays