song for tomorrow


A trans-discursive,


mutual understanding with you


That’s what I want


But they dismiss it as “emotion,”


while their only way is to get themselves wet


Such idiots


“Even if you pretend to be hurt,


if your standing up again is real,


that’s great”


“If you can’t feel any respect for me,


I’m OK with you leaving”



To be selected out of many,


you must follow certain tips


“I said ‘it’s alright,’ and held you tight,


but why are you still ignoring me?”



If you can‘t take it, just flee from me


Hearing you say so,


I only feel I should love you more deeply


That’s so mean!


Touch, touch, touch


Void, void, void



It’s like while your heart rejects the conservative,


you end up finding yourself right there


“Having killed the father,


I slept with the mother”



“Arguably, it’s just the beginning”



“Having killed the sister,


I slept with the brother”




Even altogether, those books lined on the shelf before you


can’t match what I’ll show you now


——quote from “song for tomorrow”

English translation: Yuki Okumura with Greg Wilcox




A child of the entire world

99% and 100% are very different.

52% and 48% clearly are.

The same with 38% and 42%. So how about 21% and 20%?



To say who is wrong.

To say who is right.

Such talk is truly nonsense.


Are you still repeating it?

As if performing a score written by some foolish leader?!



I’m giving birth to a child soon.

It’s a bastard child.

A child of the entire world


So which one is right?

That’s something you decide, please.


Someone will surely point out that I’m selling my own monologue.

Even I am very aware that I am.


To use what was received

To take what was given.



Naturally you will ask,

“So that’s your modus operandi?”

“Yes, I possess nothing which cannot be seen.”


The act of existing in this world is a kind of violence

It is clear to me that as an existence that lives I have responsibility.

That said, I am certain that I still have a desire to live.

An easy narcissist.



Female friends who keep getting more beautiful

and older male acquaintances who never age.


If in the end, if anger and sadness end up being collected by someone

We might as well say everything truthfully.



But I still have a desire to be liked.

And a desire for sexual love!



My embrace of the world is not a marriage that I have committed to.

It is something else, something more

I believe.

What it is, I still don’t know.



Inside a treasure chest made of dozens of layers of flesh-colored fat

are a voice and an earring.

An earring that pierced my ear when I was a first-year middle school student.

It has been an emptiness there from my 13th year till now.



This year I am finally ready for all the world’s languages to become bilingual

and for my pictures painted solely with stolen sights and sounds to invite no ridicule regardless of how exposed I am.


A serious audience is the only thing in front of me now.


——quote from “A child of the entire world”

English translation Norman Chan



「得た手はずっと伸び続けて、時々はそれを自分で切り落とさなくてはならない。 だけどもしその義務を一日だけ忘れたとして、 傷んだ右手から新しい手が生えているのを見つけることができたら。」