Words without a lattice,38x33cm,oil on canvas,2020


                             Vaccine,21×29.5cm,pencil on paper,2020
                      Tal,Tal,Tal , 22x14cm,water color and brush pen on paper,2020

                                  undated by the travel literature,29.7x21cm, pen on paper,2020




Collaged flags, 22.5×27.5 cm,oil on jute,2020


floating yellow, 27cmx32.5 cm, oil on canvas,2020

Frau/ Herr,2020, mixed media on cheese fabric, h27×w39×d2.5cm



Happy Failure,80.5x60cm,mixed media,2020


the night,21×29.5cm, color,pencil, carbon paper, transparent paper on papar,2020