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Kanako Tada is an artist.

Her lens is focused to the moment of genre itself becomes the subject matter.

She works with her interests: history of painting, craftsmanship within high-art, and representation of pattern and materiality.


                  Ekkyo Kaiga   越  境 絵  )  画
exophpny painting


b. 1989  in Hiroshima, Japan

lives and works in Vienna,Austria



2017 Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Contextual painting enrolled

2015 MA, Musashino Art University, Tokyo

2013 Hongik University, Seoul, South Korea exchange

2012 BA, Musashino Art University, Tokyo


Sole exhibitions

2017   blind, Vacuum Gallery, Beijing

2016  voice, Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo

2015  vulnerable, Pantocrator Gallery, Shanghai

2014  I’m in love, I’m alone, Bambinart Gallery, Tokyo


Group exhibitions

2021 ◯◯life, SET Lewisham, London,UK

Undoing Landscape, Erste Campus,Vienna

Undoing Landscape, xhibit, Vienna, academically affiliated

2020 15th anniversary exhibition, art space LOOP HOLE,Tokyo

distance to the painting, art space LOOP HOLE,Tokyo

2019 Vertical River,ak46,Vienna

Parallax Trading,Das Weisse Haus,Vienna


DAS JUB JUB,art space5020,Salzburg

Painter Plumber, Justice, off-space at University of applied arts, Vienna

Your pressure is my pleasure, Academy of fine arts, Vienna


2016  Seasidepoolside, Inage Public Pool Park, Chiba pref, JP

Ongoing collective, Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo

Firewall, No Gate Gallery, Beijing


2015  Welcome to the real world, Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo

Railroadsiding2015, former lunch meal center, Tokorozawa city, Saitama, JP


2014 Tugihagi-amamori, Eikyu-theater, Oita, Japan

Kyotarou Hakamata, Ryu Takeda and Kanako Tada, gallery FAL, Tokyo

As if you wish, Art Center Ongoing, Tokyo


2013  Sunshine and Air, Zamworl Museum of Art, Jeolla Province, South Korea


2012 Think of place, Blanclass, Kanagawa, JP

Territory where we are doing each action, Gallery Den, Tokyo

Our generation is in like a : between cassettes and iPods, Shatow Koganei, Tokyo


Artist in Residence

2017 Red Gate Residency, Beijing

2016  Red Gate Residency, Beijing

2015  Pantocrator Galley, Shanghai

Bank ART studio NYK, Kanagawa, JP

2013  Zamworl Museum of Art, Jeolla Province, South Korea


Prizes and Grants

2021-2022 Financial aid for overseas study by young artists, Yoshino Gypsum Art Foundation, JP

2020-21 Grants for Overseas Study by Young Artists,The Pola Art Foundation, Fellowship, JP

2017 Hiroshima Scholarship for students study abroad, Hiroshima

2017  Red Gate Residency, studio grant, CH

2015 Musashino Art University graduation works prize, Tokyo

2015 KAKEHASHI project, United States, Japan Foundation

2013 Musashino Art University encouragement scholarship for students to study abroad, Tokyo



2019 Vertical River,ak46,Vienna,AU

Talks, Organises and Art Fair

2021 Undoing Landscape, PARALLEL VIENNA Editions 21, Vienna, AU -Art Fair

2020 the translation of Ernst Jandl’s Viennese lyrics into Japanese

with Ann Cotten,from the series CONVERSATIONS, CHRISTINE KÖNIG GALLERY, Vienna,AU-Conversations

2017 Screening: Maiko Jinushi at Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, AU- Organise

2015 The words are included our feels with Momoko Nakamura and Aya Momose, former lunch meal center, Tokorozawa city, Saitama prefecture, JP-Organise and Conversation

Publications and Contributions

2021 ’Sense of Place’, essay,The Inhabitants: Adopt a Project, online article, Bandung, ID, web: https://www.theinhabitants.net/articles

2021 ‘Reexploring Kanji Body System’ with Ann Cotten,The New Alphabet volume 1, HKW-Haus der Kulturen der Welt,Berlin,Spector Books, ISBN:978-3-95905-453-9

2019  ‘Don’t Stop Chatting’ ,Interview with Aya Momose x Kanako Tada x Mai Endo,Multipul Spirits vol.2, ISBN:978-4-9910-805-0-0

2017 untitled, poetry,Multipul Spirits vol.1

2015  ‘Time will tell’, essay, railroad siding2015