Longtime Walking, mixed media on sketchbook,A4,2022



                              Sprach(e), mixed media on sketchbook,A4,2022



                                 Ocean View, 2022, oil on painting, 34×22.5 cm

Butterfly and Mountain, 2022, oil on canvas, 47.5x34cm

One day I met the rubber duck on the shore, 2022, collage on paper, A4

                         Shifts, water color and ink on sketchbook,A4,2022

                   über Rosa,30x35cm,oil on canvas,2022


A Letter from Artist, 29.5x14cm, pencil, oil color, and glue on cotton,2021

Skipping a stone,21.4×29.6 cm, mixed media,2021

Broken Flower,21x28cm,mixed media,2021