from the mountain,30x24cm,oil on canvas,2018



   dusk,34x20cm,oil on canvas,2018



a flock saw puddles,40×29.5cm,oil and pencil on canvas,2018



honeymoon in the desert, 10×14.5cm,oil and acrylic on canvas,2018

circles towards a still life, 25×36.7cm, oil on canvas,2018


memory of horizontal 29.5cm x 40.4cmx2cm, oil on canvas, 2018






about distance,30x23cm,oil on canvas,2018

guide to approaching,42.5x30x9x21x54.5x51cm,

acrylic and gesso on jute-felt ,2018

drawing for melting award, aroundA4size, ballpoint on wood-paper,2017






kissing to the wall, 10×14.5cm, oil, acrylic and pencil on paper,2017